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ThinkAqua is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the social, economic, and environmental impact of aquaculture. Our focus is on smallholder farmers in developing countries who rely on aquaculture, often as part of a mixed livelihood. We also deliver environmental improvements in larger-scale industries and support market- and policy-based governance. We work collaboratively with a range of partners to make a significant difference to the lives of farmers, their stock and the communities around farms.

Our Vision

Sustainable aquaculture sectors at the heart of vibrant economies and communities operating in harmony with the environment.

Our Mission

To support sustainable aquaculture development through the delivery of innovative, coordinated, networked solutions for farmers, regulators, supply chains and service providers.


At ThinkAqua, we work to promote sustainable aquaculture practices that benefit smallholder farmers, the environment and communities in developing countries. We provide training and resources to help farmers improve their productivity and profitability while protecting the environment. Our services include technical assistance, capacity building and innovation support in areas such as farming efficiency, health management, market development, environmental control, feeding, certification, biodiversity interactions and carbon footprinting. We also work to raise awareness about the value of sustainable aquaculture and advocate for policies that support independent farmers and protect the environment.


We have a small core team, connected with amazing partners around the world. Our Board of Trustees provide valuable guidance to steer the organization.

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